The World’s Longest Lasting Gear Oil

Omega gear oil is renowned within industry because the unique characteristics the advanced formulations bring.

Omega 690 – Super EP Gear Oil

World famous gear oil. Lasts for 20 years from a single application. The only API GL6 rated gear oil in the UK.

Omega 680 – Worm Gear Oil

Advanced worm gear oil, reduces energy costs by 5-8%.

Omega 670 – Straight Mineral Gear Oil

Omega 670 is a hundred percent STRAIGHT paraffinic gear oil designed for high-purity gear applications.

Omega 585 – Synthetic Food Grade Chain & Gear Oil

All-Synthetic formulation for meeting or even exceeding the stringent requirements of the food & beverage industry. Perfect for both high heat and refrigerated applications in food processing plants.

The Ultimate Gear Oil Range