Cutting Edge Oil & Grease For All Industry

Omega – Distributed By Sovereign Lubricants

The Omega range of lubricants are developed at the cutting edge of technological possibility. This means a solution that offers a range of characteristics and a performance level you will likely not be used to. If you want your plant and machinery to run smoother, break down less often, use less energy and last much longer then Omega could be for you. Omega has been offering the most advanced solutions since the 1960’s. Have a browse through our website, or contact our representatives 24/7 and find out more. Call 01484 718674.


 Pioneering Food Lubrication

Our food lubrication hits two criteria. A. It is excessively pure, meeting stringent food classifications like NSF H1 or H3 and B. It has the same unparalleled performance advantages as the rest of the Omega range.

 Revolutionary Oils That Last Decades

Omega Oils and greases push the envelope of what is considered possible for lubrication. Because of this, many of our oils can last for decades, and our greases for years.

 Renowned High Temp Formulations

Omega high temperature lubricants are renowned within industry. With options anywhere from 200°C to 1260°C, if you have a high temperature application, we have a best in class lubricant to match.

Formulated Using Advanced Research & Development

Omega is formulated right at the boundaries of technological possibility, using the latest techniques and the most advanced components on the planet.

Developed In Partnership With Industry OEM’s

Omega R & D is conducted alongside leading OEM development, ensuring perfect synergy with the world’s most advanced machinery.

Advanced Solutions For The Whole Facility

Open gear greases and oils that cling tenaciously in place, no matter the condition.

Exceptional greases for every bearing, condition and circumstance.


Oil for every gearbox, condition and circumstance – including World famous Omega 690.

Innovative general purpose solutions such as World famous Omega 636 penetrating oil.

Chain lubricants that push the life and performance of your assets to the limit.

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Sometimes the best way to get a feel for something is to see it in action! View demonstrations of some of our products now and do just that.