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Food Grade Grease

What temperature tolerances do Omega food lubricants have? Food Grade Grease Omega 58 Omega 58 food grade grease is a multipurpose grease that has good all round performance characteristics. It is the go to grease for most food applications. Omega 58 is rated to approximately 149 °C. Omega 78 Omega 78 is the water resistant [...]

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Food Grade Lubrication Performance

Do Food Grade Lubricants Under-Perform Traditional Ones? There is a common misconception that food grade lubricants always perform worse than their conventional partners. This is both true and untrue. It actually depends entirely on the technology used. There are several possible base sources: Highly Purified Mineral Oils Surprisingly to many people, mineral oil from the [...]

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Food Grade Greases

There are many food grade greases out there. What do the ratings mean? NSF Most food grade greases are rated using the NSF standard. The NSF is a public health and safety organization that specialise in certifying a massive variety of products and processes throughout the world. The breakdown of food grade classifications for oils [...]

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What Are The Main Groups of Lubricant Additives and What Do They Do?

Modern oils and greases utilise a large range of advanced additives to add advantageous properties. So what are these additives? The main groups are as follows:   Antioxidants Oxidation of oil occurs within machinery because of a number of different factors, such as exposure to heat, pressure and the presence of metal. Oxidation results in [...]

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How Does A Grease Work?

Much confusion and myth abounds about how a grease functions. In essence the truth is simple. A grease is just an oil held temporarily by a thickener (normally a salt 'soap'). This thickener acts as a sponge, it holds the oil in a semi solid state until it is required by the machinery in question.  [...]

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High Temperature Grease Technology

Lithium Lithium thickened grease is a found throughout industry. It is perhaps the most common grease. Oftentimes, manufacturers will claim that lithium extreme pressure (or EP) grease is ‘high temperature’. In fact, the lithium thickener will break down at around 150°C. This is a low temperature in the world of high temperature grease!   Bentonite [...]

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