Cutting Edge Food Grade Oil

Omega Food Grade Grease is renowned within industry. Our food grease hits two criteria. A. It is excessively pure, meeting stringent food classifications like NSF H1 or 3H.  B. It has the same performance advantages as the rest of the Omega range, aided by leading R & D and meticulous ingredient


Omega 580 – Superior Food Machinery Oil

Complete purity, combined with the class leading performance you would expect from an Omega oil.

Omega 588 – Synthetic FG Machinery Oil

Synthetic oil that incorporates Kosher and Halal certification. Blended from two unique oils.

Omega 515 – Ultra Dura Synthetic Compressor Oil

The new standard in compressor oil quality. Offers 16,000+ hours protection.

Omega 609 – Food Grade Air Line Lubricant

Air line oil that is stable in virtually any condition and protects to 198°C. Coats throughout and prevents oxidation (the leading cause of airline failure).

Omega 585 – Synthetic Food Grade Chain/Gear Oil

Omega 585 is Omega’s cutting edge take on a synthetic FG gear oil. Outlasts and outperforms any ordinary pure grade oil.

Omega 638 – Ultimate FG Penetrating Oil

Cousin to world famous 636, unlocks anything and acts as a light lubricant, rust preventive, penetrating fluid and water repellent

Omega 641 – Food Grade HTLR Chain Oil

Potentially our most advanced oil. Omega 641 works at the limits of what is possible with a liquid oil, all the while retaining food grade purity.

Omega 615 -Food Grade Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

 Provides up to ten times the operating life of ordinary compressor oils used in rotary vane and rotary screw compressors. It is also an excellent oil for a wide range of applications.

The Ultimate Food Lubricant Range