Cutting Edge Automotive Oil

Omega Engine Oils are used in millions of cars around the world. Utilizing bespoke premium components and unique megalite supplements. Our Engine Oils work on a number of levels to keep your engine at peak condition. Improving efficiency, reducing maintenance intervals and of course increasing performance by significant margins.

Omega 631 – Superior Quality Engine Oil

Omega quality oil for use in all engines.

Omega 690 – Super EP Gear Oil

Our flagship Gearbox Oil. Just as effective in a car gearbox as an industrial one. Recommended by rally car gearbox manufacturer Tractive.

Omega 699 – Super Auto Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluid that offers resistance to foam, corrosion, wear, heat and oxidation for up to 75,000 miles.

Omega 778 – “Type II” Synthetic Engine Oil

Second generation and all synthetic oil.