Specialist High Temperature Oils

Omega High Temperature Oil is renowned within Industry.  If you have a  high temperature application, we have an oil to match. Browse our products, or give us a call if you need any assistance.

Omega 646 – High Temp Chain Oil

Without compromise the best performing high temperature chain oil range. Offers protection up to 400°C, last 20x longer than all oils, and never drips.

Omega 647 – Synthetic High Temp Chain Oil 

Synthetic & low smoke version of the industrial staple Omega 646. Also protects to 400°C.

Omega 648 – Smokeless High Temp Chain Oil

Pushes the limit of what is possible with completely wet lubrication all the way to 304°C.

Omega 641 – Food Grade HTLR Chain Oil

Fully synthetic & food grade high temperature chain oil. NSF H1. Works to 315°C.

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