Specialist High Temperature Grease

Omega High Temperature Grease is renowned within Industry.  If you have a  high temperature application, we have a grease to match. Browse our products, or give us a call if you need any assistance.

Omega 26 – Thermasyn FG Grease

Omega 26 is the most advanced of the worlds most advanced greases. PFPE & PTFE combine to offer exceptional performance and a tolerance for harsh conditions that is unrivaled.

Omega 71 – Universal Non-Melt Grease

One of the most popular Omega lubricants.  Multi-purpose protection that never melts. Used throughout ceramic and other high temperature industries.

Omega 85 – SSP All Purpose Grease

True multi purpose grease for extreme conditions. Wet, hot, extreme pressure. Compatible with all other thickeners. Suitable for high speeds.

Omega 33 – Extreme Heat and Chemical Resistant Grease

The highest tolerance of any liquid base grease in the UK.  Omega quality ensures the kind of performance you would expect from an Omega product.

Omega 35 – Ultimate High Temperature Grease

Omega 35 is the ultimate high temperature grease. Designed for impossible applications up to and over 800°C. Suitable for low speeds.

Omega 28 – Super Fluoroether Synthetic Grease

Virtually indestructible, completely inert, radiation and chemical resistant. For all impossible applications to 260°C and above.

Use The Ultimate High Temp Range