Performance Lubricants For All Applications

Omega general purpose lubricants are renowned within industry and we have products for almost all eventualities.

Omega 612 – Universal Lubrication/Hydraulic Oil

A non EP oil designed for almost all forms of machinery lubrication and equipment. A factory staple.

Omega 613 – Superior Air Compressor Oil

Resists carbon formation, hotspot failures, oxidation and arrests leaks.

Omega 605 – Superior Air Line Lubrication

Coats and prevents oxidation.

Omega 606 – Multi Grade Hydraulic Oil

Cutting edge 10 year performance for every application.

Omega 790 – Non-Stain Textile Oil

Decreases energy consumption by up to 18.5%. Fully emulsifiable & non staining oil. Protects at elevated speeds to 20,000 RPM.

Omega 904 – Industrial Oil Concentrate

Omega 904 industrial oil concentrate gives the option to enthuse your regular oil with some of Omega’s cutting edge technology, bumping performance significantly.

Omega 917 – Seal Saver

Rejuvenates seals, repairs leaks and prolongs system life. Used extensively in ship maintenance.

Omega 615 – Food Grade Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

 Provides up to ten times the operating life of ordinary compressor oils used in rotary vane and rotary screw compressors. It is also an excellent oil for a wide range of applications.

Omega 636 – Ultimate 4 – in – 1 Penetrating Oil

World famous Omega 636 is the ultimate multi purpose penetrating oil; with a unique 4 way action: Lubricates, penetrates, displaces water and rust proofs

Omega 638 – Ultimate Food Grade 4 in 1 Maintenance Oil

Cousin of renowned 636, Omega 638 has the same  four – in – one action. Acts as a light lubricant, rust preventive, penetrating fluid and water repellent. With food safety NSF H1 Classification.

Advanced Lubrication For Every Application