What temperature tolerances do Omega food lubricants have?

Food Grade Grease

Omega 58

Omega 58 food grade grease is a multipurpose grease that has good all round performance characteristics. It is the go to grease for most food applications. Omega 58 is rated to approximately 149 °C.

Omega 78

Omega 78 is the water resistant cousin of Omega 58. It also has a superior high temperature resistance of approximately 180 °C.

Omega 26

Omega 26 is based on PTFE technology and as such has excellent all round performance. This means that it can reach temperatures of around 240 °C comfortably.

Food Grade Oils

Omega 580

Omega 580 is an all round high quality food grade oil. Like all food grade oils, Omega 580 has a flash point of 205 °C.

Omega 585

Omega 585 is another exceptional food grade oil.  It has a fully synthetic PAO base which allows it to operate up to a flash point of 240 °C.

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