Cutting Edge Food Grade Grease

Omega Food Grade Grease is renowned within industry. Our food grease hits two criteria. 1. It is excessively pure, meeting stringent food classifications like NSF H1 or 3H.  2. It has the same performance advantages as the rest of the Omega range, aided by leading R & D and meticulous component sourcing.


Omega 26 – Therma-Syn Food Grade Grease

PFPE/PTFE synthetic high temp food grease. Unparalleled tolerances and resistance, combined with exceptional performance & NSF H1 peace of mind.

Omega 38 – Crystal Clear Food Grade Grease

The most advanced clear synthetic grease available. Completely non-toxic, doesn’t stain and is colourless. Omega protection for delicate applications.

Omega 58 – Superior Food Machinery Grease

For all types of food machinery – withstands cold, steam, heat, acid, water and detergents.

Omega 68 – “FG Plus” Machinery Grease

Halal & Kosher approved grease with both high/low temperature tolerance, and complete water resistance.

Omega 78 – Food Grade Anti Corrosion Grease

Water resistant food grease – resistant to water wash out, rust, corrosion, and carries extreme loads.

Omega 99FG – Food Grade Anti Seize Compound

White, smooth, and non-toxic food grade anti seize/assembly paste.

The Ultimate Food Lubricant Range