Specialist Chain Oils

Omega Chain oils are renowned within industry.

Omega 585 – Synthetic Food Grade Chain & Gear Oil

Penetrates and replenishes core of chain & wire rope. Protects against salt water corrosion, mud, dust, dirt and never flings off.

Omega 608 – Superior Chain & Way Oil

A multi-purpose chain oil. Prevents chains from scoring, cracking and breaking. Use for slideways, high speed chains, conveyors and hookways.

Omega 646 – High Temp Chain Oil

Advanced high temperature chain oil range. Offers protection up to 400°C, last 20x longer than regular  oils, and never drips.

Omega 647 – Synthetic High Temp Chain Oil

Synthetic, low smoke version of Omega 646. Works to 400°C.

Omega 648 – Clear & Smokeless Synthetic High Temp Chain Oil

Pushing the envelope of what is possible with a liquid lubricant to the limit. Protects to 304°C.

Omega 641 – Food Grade HLTR Chain Oil

Food grade high temperature chain oil. Protects to 315°C.

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