Specialist Bearing Grease

Advanced and cutting edge bearing greases for every situation.

Omega 22 – Super PTFE Grease

Synthetic base and special grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) grease. Prevents glide-slip.

Omega 26 – Thermasyn FG Grease

Omega 26 is the most advanced of the worlds most advanced greases. PFPE & PTFE combine to offer exceptional performance and a tolerance for harsh conditions that is unrivaled.

Omega 28 – Super Fluoroether Synthetic Grease

Virtually indestructible, completely inert, radiation and chemical resistant. For all impossible applications to 260°C and above.

Omega 33 – Extreme Heat and Chemical Resistant Grease

The highest tolerance of any liquid base grease in the UK.  Omega quality ensures the kind of performance you would expect.

Omega 35 – Ultimate High Temperature Grease

Omega 35 is the ultimate high temperature grease. Designed for impossible applications up to and over 800°C. Suitable for low speeds.

Omega 38 – Crystal Clear Food Grade Grease

The most advanced clear synthetic grease available. Completely non-toxic, doesn’t stain and is colourless. Omega protection & a delicate finish for sensitive industries.

Omega 51 – Electric Motor Grease

An non-conductive electric motor grease.

Omega 57 – Super Bearing Grease 

Engineered for high impact and extreme pressure conditions. An all rounder for both industry & motorsport.

Omega 58 – Superior Food Machinery Grease

For all types of food machinery – withstands cold, steam, heat, acid, water and detergents.

Omega 59 – Central Lubrication System Grease 

Central lubrication system grease with the performance you would expect, in a formulation that can be pumped for 1,100 metres.

Omega 66 – Heavy Duty Low Temperature Grease

A heavy duty high speed/low temperature grease. Protects & performs at temperatures right down to -54°C and at speeds of over 30,000 RPM.

Omega 68 – “FG Plus” Machinery Grease

Halal & Kosher approved grease with both high/low temperature tolerance, and complete water resistance.

Omega 71 – Universal Non-Melt Grease

One of the most popular Omega lubricants.  Multi-purpose protection that never melts. Used throughout ceramic and other high temperature industries.

Omega 77 – Ultimate Bearing Grease

Our original extreme performance grease – withstands loads, shocks and significantly prolongs bearing life.

Omega 78 – Food Grade Anti Corrosion Grease

Water resistant food grease – resistant to water wash out, rust, corrosion, and carries extreme loads.

Omega 85 – SSP All Purpose Grease

True multi purpose grease for extreme conditions. Wet, hot, extreme pressure. Compatible with all other thickeners. Suitable for high speeds.

Omega 89 – Ultra Heavy Duty Grease

An exceptional grease with fantastic all round performance very high extreme pressure resistance. Out-performs conventional EP greases by over three times with a rating of not less than 800 kgf.

Omega 95 – Super Corrosion Control Grease

The ultimate underwater grease. Is highly resistant to water wash out, salt water, rust, corrosion and carries very high loads

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