Cutting Edge Automotive Additives

Omega Automotive additives utilise the advanced technology Omega offers to make a range that offers extreme levels of performance, protection and economy.

Omega 101 – Liquid Cork Radiator Sealant

Permanently seals leaks in recirculating water cooling systems.

Omega 903 РSuper Diesel Additive 

Cuts fuel consumption by up to 20% and significantly prolongs the life of diesel engines.

Omega 904 – Industrial Oil Concentrate

Omega 904 industrial oil concentrate gives the option to enthuse your regular oil with some of Omega’s cutting edge technology, bumping performance significantly.

Omega 906 – Radiator Treatment Additive

Prevents corrosion, protects and lubricates water pumps and seals. 6 Months protection from a single application.

Omega 907 – Engine & Compressor Flush

Remove all deposits, prevent contamination, and neutralize acids with this powerful and complete flushing solution.

Omega 909 – Super Engine Oil Additive

22 unique additives transform the performance of any oil.

Omega 992 – Fuel Injection Cleaner

Rapidly and completely restore  lost power/acceleration to your engine. Eliminate vapour lock; the cause of hard starting, rough idle and sluggish throttle response.

Omega 917 – Seal Saver

Repairs seal leaks, prolong the life of seals. Rejuvenate power steering units.