Sovereign Lubricants – Providing Exclusive Lubricants To The UK For Over 40 Years

As the UKs exclusive distributor, Sovereign Lubricants have been providing Omega – and other specialist products – to the UK for over 40 years. Based near Brighouse, in West Yorkshire, Sovereign are well known within industry for providing a second to none service, alongside perhaps the most innovative and assured oils, greases, additives and bespoke solutions available.

We are ISO 9001 Certified, and are rightly proud of the excellent service we provide

 Pioneering Food Lubrication

Our food lubrication hits two criteria. A. It is excessively pure, meeting stringent food classifications like NSF H1 or H3 and B. It has the same unparalleled performance advantages as the rest of the Omega range.

 Revolutionary Oils That Last Decades

Omega Oils and greases push the envelope of what is considered possible for lubrication. Because of this, many of our oils can last for decades, and our greases for years.

 Renowned High Temp Formulations

Omega high temperature lubricants are renowned within industry. With options anywhere from 200°C to 1260°C, if you have a high temperature application, we have a best in class lubricant to match.